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Zona de juegos electrónicos llega a Columbus Ohio con Soft Drink Asociación Donación

Diversión al aire libre ahora tiene un nuevo look en Columbus, Ohio, gracias a una donación de la Asociación de Bebidas Refrescantes Ohio. Hoy en día, la asociación se unió capitales Kids Alcaldía Coleman para dar a conocer un nuevo parque infantil electrónico llamado NEOS 360 que proporcionará una nueva forma, la diversión para los
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We’re Delivering in Mississippi

The Mississippi Beverage Association and the American Beverage Foundation for a Healthy America recently awarded a grant to Fit 4 Change, a 12-week physical fitness and nutrition program that has helped Mississippi state officials, government workers and citizens shed thousands of pounds by training four days per week at Jackson State University’s Walter Payton Health
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Welcome to DeliveringChoices.org!

Here, you’ll get the story on how America’s beverage companies are delivering more choices, smaller portions and fewer calories to communities across the nation. It’s all part of our effort to help people find a beverage that fits their day and their life. Be sure to: Use our beverage investigator to get the facts on
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WDC Reaches 800 Members!

The We Deliver in Chicago coalition is now 800 members strong.

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