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Rolling Up Our Sleeves in East LA, Little Rock and New York City

America’s beverage companies are working on our goal to reduce the beverage calories consumed per person 20 percent by 2025. To do that in the neighborhoods of East Los Angeles – Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno and East LA – along with Little Rock, Arkansas, and the communities of New York City, we’ll try a variety of things, such as making lower-calorie and smaller-portion beverages more available in stores, providing incentives for consumers to try these options and displaying new calorie awareness messages at points of sale. The effort aims to encourage community members to balance what they eat and drink with what they do.


We’ll test and learn from these actions, taking what works to other neighborhoods and cities and improving or moving on from the ideas that don’t work as well. By working with the community and engaging in such a highly focused way, we aim to overcome barriers to beverage options that help people reduce calories.


More Choices for Better Balance

The path to better balance begins by making more lower-calorie and smaller-portion beverage options available in stores within these neighborhoods in East Los Angeles, Little Rock and New York City. And then offering encouragement and ways consumers can try these lower-calorie options.


We’re also putting messages that encourage people to think about calorie balance on beverage coolers in stores, vending machines and self-serve fountains. Our nationwide Clear on Calories labeling initiative is also making it easier for consumers to know the total number of calories in our products.

With these efforts and others, America’s beverage companies are working to make a difference for the neighborhoods and consumers we serve in East LA, Little Rock, New York City and around the country.


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